Taking its meaning from the Yoruba word for ‘walk’ and ‘journey’; –  ìrìn journal is an independent print publication that explores African culture through travel, people and communities. In each issue the journal focuses on a different African city an shines a light on the diverse stories that come together to make up the unique identity of the city.

We collaborate with local talent and voices from artists, chefs and musicians to travel enthusiasts, farmers, and economists to get as much insight into the heart of the city culture. The journal is the result of that collaboration: a collection of thoughtful and balanced content, a result of a series of engaging storytelling, visuals and conversations that touch on the cultural fabric of the featured city. Leaving you with a high quality journal that is both enlightening and enjoyable.With curiosity at our core, we are excited to showcase cities that have big stories to tell, cities that are often overlooked, misinterpreted, with the hopes of updating people’s perspectives regarding that place. We aren’t trying to glamorize life on the continent; ìrìn journal is focused on portraying Africa and Africans as they are. 

The concept is simple: to inform and educate our readers, to document these diverse cultures and hopefully inspire them to explore.

We are a small group of artists, writers, creatives & travel enthusiasts passionate about telling African stories. For each issue we create a regional team comprising of the talent and voices from the featured city, with the hope of evolving into a community, a hub of African creatives around the continent and the world.


Founder and Creative Director

Ayomide Aborowa

Chief Editor

Demilade Ademuson

Art Director

Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu

Layout Designer

John Asuquo

Copy Editor

Daberechi Ukoha-Kalu

Contributing Editor

Ope Adedeji

Production Manager

Orinayo Odubawo

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