• January 21st

Women Who Weave

This collection of images was taken during my trip to Swaziland, Africa in August 2016. I was invited to join the ProjectRAIZ collective -a group of leading US designers and social entrepreneurs looking to connect with rural artisans in Africa – on their journey through Swaziland. Our mission was to empower, employ and support artisans from the local communities and provide them with access to a global marketplace.

These photographs showcase several of the local women artisans practicing their traditional, time-tested techniques, shedding light on their rich cultural heritage. From master basket weavers, to skilled crocheters and mohair weavers, Swaziland is certainly home to some of Africa’s most talented artisans. It was truly an honour to photograph these women, and I’ll never forget how their faces lit up with delight when I showed many of them the first photos they had ever seen of themselves.

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