• March 30th

Chasing the Sun

When I first left home in the UK for Morocco the nights were beginning to creep in. It was very late October and the clocks had just gone back signalling the change in seasons and much shorter, darker days. But in Morocco the sun was still burning bright.

The first rays of sunlight were gentle and warm and came not long after the morning call the prayer. They danced around my bedroom and led me out to explore the streets. But by midday they shone down harshly from above, burning my shoulders and creating inky blue/black shadows. Most days it was too hot to do much more than drink coffee and eat baklawa in the shade, so I would sit and wait and watch the sun chase across the buildings till it fell back down in the evenings. By then the light would become golden and the air was much cooler. I would find a new energy and it was much easier to move around again.

I shot the image of the two boys playing football on one of my last evenings by the city walls in Essaouira. As a city it is very blue. The sea is blue, the pottery is blue even some of the buildings are painted blue, but that evening it seemed to be dipped in a golden glow. And that’s how I remember my time in Morocco, dipping in and out of golden light and chasing the sun across the cities.​



Naomi Wood is a photographer living and working in London and Bristol UK. Be sure to visit her website at www.naomi-wood.com and follow her on instagram @naomiswood

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