• February 10th

Victoria, My Home

Limbe is my home.

I never really liked it’s colonial name and I hardly found myself using it but once I got to my image library and started preparing this visual story, Victoria could not have been more perfect. Maybe it’s the meaning – being able to share images of the land of my ancestors and of my family members, means so much. In it’s own way –

It’s actually a victory

From the stories I heard when I was around 3 years old,  Victoria became a really special place for me even when I had never visited it. A beautiful city of all kinds, it is the perfect place to relax. The walks down Bota Land, the sweetest Ekwang, the fresh poisson braise chez Maggi and the Mami selling pof-pof near the house. The kontri tok. This is home. My home

I hope you enjoy getting a hint of what Limbe or rather Victoria is.

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