• January 16th

Everyday São Tomé

If peace and quiet is what you’re after, pay a visit to São Tomé & Principe: Africa’s smallest country. These two tiny volcanic islands of the Gabonese coast are loved for their Portuguese-Creole influences and relaxed environment.

In as much as tourism is very low-key and still being developed here, a trip to São Tomé & Principe is enhanced by an array of natural attractions and cultural gems. Here you won’t find any dowdy resorts but quaint locally-run lodges, huge rainforests, volcanic peaks, fishing villages, a variety of endemic plants, palm-fringed beaches, colonial buildings and impressive roças (plantation estates).

And with their serene surroundings and inescapable leve leve (which loosely means take it easy) vibe, why would you possibly be in a rush to leave?

In this photo diary, we follow photographer Miguel Manso as he documents everyday life in São Tomé from the people to the places that caught his eye.

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