• December 13th

A Land of Curiosities and Complexities

Morocco excites me like no other place I’ve ever been to before. The architecture, the smells, the food, the handmade goods, absolutely everything. Down every turn in the winding medinas, enchanting alleyways suck you in. Wide eyed and sweaty, nothing can take your eyes off the vintage textiles and crafts that have you quickly forgetting there’s no room in your luggage. Salesmen relentlessly lure you into their shops offering tea, a lesson in textile making, and why one end of the rug has fringe and the other doesn’t. Even though there’s a beautiful method to the Moroccan medina madness, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. It happened to my husband and I and I’m sure it does to everyone. Which is why I urge you to step outside the ancient walls and explore the country’s vast landscape where you can see authentic goods crafted, connect with makers, and leave feeling good knowing that your sale was genuine.


Go beyond Marrakech, beyond Casablanca, beyond Fez, where small towns are worth exploring, even if you get the one cab with no AC. Don’t let the medinas suck you in for too long because the true beauty of Morocco lies in the landscape, in the Berber villages, in the vast Saharan desert.

morocco_2This was the first time in 9 years I’ve returned to the country my father was born in. The first time I spent a month hopping from one Moroccan medina to the next. The first time showing my husband where I came with my family and where my roots are. samplemorocco_4It was truly a memorable experience and one that I will cherish. Words of advice for travelers wanting to explore Morocco: Give it time, don’t rush. Only time will let you see the layers of what make this country so fascinating.morocco_6morocco_9sample2morocco_11sample3morocco_12morocco_13

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