• December 11th

East meets West: The Colonial Structures of Lagos and Umuahia

The Nigerian cities of Lagos (in the South West) and Umuahia, Abia (in the South East) are steeped in colonial history and are home to some of the most beautiful architecture in Nigeria.

Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria, was a major centre of the slave trade until 1851 when it was bombarded by the British. Driving through the city of Lagos, you will spot Victorian structures representative of the British Colonial rule and exquisite Afro-Brazilian structures dotted around what we at Irin Ajo have coined “Little Bahia” (Little Bahia: Yaba, Campo Area and Popo Aguda).



The Afro-Brazilian structures are relics from Africans who regained their freedom from Portuguese slave masters in Brazil.




Umuahia, the capital city of Abia state and once the second capital of the Republic of Biafra, is located along an extensive rail road that aided the development of colonial structures in the area.

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Umuahia residents will tell you that Uzoakoli road is a must visit, as it is filled with a variety of one-storeyed colonial structures that will make you snap happy.

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