• December 1st

Street Photography in some of East Africa’s Cities

As a Jamaican, Africa has always been a part of the stories of our lives. With a large number of people of African descent living in Jamaica, there has always been a question about Africa. “What’s it really like?”, “What’s there?”, “Where exactly did my ancestors come from?”

Throughout my life I have been fortunate to call Africa home for a number of years. First as a child living in Egypt, then later as an adult working in Ethiopia. And on other occasions traveling throughout English speaking East Africa. For me what I am always attracted to is the vast expanse in people and personality in my Travels. The Continent in the past decade has seen tremendous growth, more cities are blooming and with that comes challenges and great gains. It is a beautiful thing to witness what I like to call the “humming” of human activity.

Dar Wedding



Hockey Nairobi

Kampala Hustle






Tupac In Dar

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