• January 30th

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 ìrìn journal is a bi-annual print magazine that explores African culture through travel, people and community. 

In each issue we’ll focus on a different city in Africa and shine light on the diverse stories that come together to make up the unique identity of the city. Covering stories from food to fashion, history, art, design, film and more. 

The concept is simple: to inform and educate our readers, by documenting these diverse cultures and therefore inspiring them to explore.

The first issue is all about LAGOS!!! our home. If you know anything about this city you’ll know its loud and full of character. But for all the hype and information about Lagos, there are still thousands of stories that are yet to be told. 

In this issue we:

Speak to Abba Makama about his work as an artist and film-maker…

Explore common ties between breakfast staples in Lagos and Brazil

Discuss what spirituality means in a city like Lagos

Take a trip to Badagry to explore it’s history and discover what’s left of this former slave town

Delve into the lives of creative entrepreneurs Oroma and Osione Itegboje

Pay homage to Agege Bread and the history behind it

Including many more conversations, poems, essays, photos by artists and photographers and creatives in the city. 

We are a small team of artists, writers and travel enthusiasts that are creating the type of publication we want to read. We are collaborating with diverse voices, curious and open minds to create thoughtful content. Leaving you with a high-quality magazine that’s both enlightening and enjoyable..

We are committed to producing a high-quality print magazine whose production quality matches that of the stories inside. With your support, we would be able to print our inaugural issue, pay our talented contributors and hopefully provide a springboard to self-fund the next Issue.

We believe the time is right for Africans to tell our own stories and shape our narratives; and with your backing (whether financially or by simply sharing the word) we can spread these stories across the globe. 
The anticipation so far has been great! but we need you to help make this vision a reality.

To ensure that we can print our first issue: The Lagos Issue and get it in your hands by April. We’ll need to raise £8,000 in 33 days! That’s about – £243 a day or a £20 donation by 400 people.And we can only achieve this milestone together.

So please visit our campaign, support us by pre-ordering a copy and share the word.

A tweet, facebook post, insta dm, email, text, call to a friend (or three) will go a long way.

To thank you for supporting our campaign, all pledges on kickstarter come with either a post card, tote bag, printed or digital copies of our magazine.

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