• May 1st

The Big Red Island

I traveled along the coast of the island of Madagascar, and far into the mainland where the capital, Tana, is situated. I went to coastal villages deep in the rainforest and across rice fields in the countryside of Tana. No matter where I traveled on the Big Red Island, I always came in contact with the beautiful people of Madagascar.

They are unique and diverse, and wonderful to be around.

From my first time in Madagascar, twenty years ago, up until now, whenever I visit, my time is always full of lots of adventures. I love traveling the back roads, the not so wide roads, leading to small rural villages. In these remote places, you see the beauty, you see green mountains, lush rice fields, and you come across hard working people that love their country, family and having visitors.
I think what makes the Malagasy people so diverse and beautiful, is their cultural background. The Malagasy people came from mainland Africa, as well as some countries in Asia, so you see the diversity all across the island.

The people on the coast might look different than the people from the mainland, near the capital. All in all though, they are all unique, beautiful and wonderful to be around.The Malagasy people are also very talented and creative. Wherever you travel to, you will most likely see someone working along the side of the road, in town along the streets, in the fields, or in the rural villages.

Some are farmers, some are builders, while others create small intricate items out of metal or wood. When you travel to any of the outside markets, that is where you see a lot of their work, where you can admire it as well as purchase it.

I have personally traveled to four of the six provinces of Madagascar. Even though I haven’t traveled to all of them, I have still seen so much.

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and it’s full of so much beauty, from the people, to the animals and the vegetation. Each province is different and unique in it’s own way.

Not just the people, but the dialect, the landscape and even the food. Whenever you travel around the island by car or bus, as you drive from one province to the next, you can see the vast diversity and beauty that makes up that specific area. Some areas will have houses made out of bricks, others will be made of bamboo.

You might be driving along and see a bunch of palm trees lining the road, while in another area of the island, you have the infamous baobab trees.

Whenever you travel on this island, the amazing beauty of the people, the land, it’s breathtaking, unique and one of a kind.

Most people that travel to Madagascar for the first time, usually tend to go back again, because of it’s amazing beauty.

Cory is a freelance photographer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. She grew up in California, later in life moved to Madagascar, Africa and now is based out of Nashville. She has an amazing passion for photography and bringing photos to life. Keep up with Cory on her website (www.coryplowmanphotography.com) or on instagram

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